Maybe it was serendipity or maybe it was plain fortuity, but Ron was on a business trip to Savannah in August of 2016 and decided to try a few local coffee shops.    Upon doing so, he stumbled upon PERC Coffee Roasters.

Ron visited PERC Coffee Roasters unannounced.  The PERC team was gracious and engaging and the entire place had a great vibe.  Jonna O’Sullivan gave Ron a tour and several tastings.    Buzzed and happy, Ron went to his meeting that afternoon and returned later.

Philip Brown and Ron talked for a couple of hours about coffee, philosophy and hospitality.   And of course, they drank more coffee.

As a result of the magic between great coffee and a shared perspective, Petit Chou proudly brews PERC Coffee.  The roasters’ passion and dedication to quality coffee comes through in every drink.