Pop Up Thursday – Welcoming Full Commission

From Chef Garrett

Braised Pork Belly                        16                                                                              

w/ miso pear butter, orange glaze, brussel sprout, fried vermicelli

Pecan Smoked Salmon                       15                                                                   

w/ caramel popcorn, egg yolk, lemon crema

Boiled Peanut Hummus                      14                                                   

w/ pickled vegetables, cherry tomato, balsamic, malanga chip



Pimento Cheese Fritter                    13                                                          

w/ herb roasted tomato, poached egg yolk, spicy oil

 Rainbow Trout                             20                                                                                       

w/ tumeric cauliflower, sweet pea puree, yuzu-infused cucumber

Beef Brisket                              22                                                                                            

w/ Dr. Pepper barbeque, smoked Gouda mashed potato

Airline Chicken                           25                                                                             

w/ shiitake gravy, Napa cabbage, fried onion, black sesame seed

….and from our mixologist Jennifer


Evening Spirits
Cucumber Gimlet – We’re putting a new boost on a classic Vodka cocktail with basil, lemon, and lime for added flavor and depth to create a craveable adult lemonade ….11

Revolver – Introduced in SF in 2003, The Revolver has a nice spark with Rye Whiskey accented by orange with a thick dose of coffee ….13

The Last Word – This prohibition era Gin cocktail, from the Detroit area, is a complex and herbal drink this is light and memorable ….12